Con Anagnostou

Con Anagnostou

Client Service Manager - Commercial Cleaning

Care is Con’s bread and butter. For him, care is not simply a mindset, it’s also an integral part of his day to day work.

“It transcends through all my duties. You not only have a duty of care to yourself, but it needs to transcend to the company and to the grassroots workforce.

People want things to run smoothly. When you come across someone who gives you that sense of security in what they do and how they conduct themselves, they’re entrenched in your mind.”

Con truly believes that displaying care makes a huge difference both internally in the company and externally for his clients.

“What I like about Facilities First is that they’re very big on maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and a sense of being healthy within yourself.

These things are magnetic; if you have a healthy attitude or a healthy persona, and you role model it well, it goes a long way toward winning the trust and confidence of your staff and gaining insight into their own lives and using that as a stepping stone to building positive teams.”

Con is our Client Service Manager – Commercial Cleaning, and he loves how incredibly rewarding his role is.

“I have sites that I look after and I support my customer service managers as well as their sites. It’s interesting and rewarding when things are falling into place.”

Con has been in the cleaning industry for close to 30 years. He’s also had experience in the insurance industry, as well as being a factory production manager.

But he has always found himself coming back to the cleaning industry.

“I eventually found my way through to Facilities First. I’ve been with them since April 2019 and I came into the company through a colleague of mine. It’s been a smooth transition and I absolutely enjoy working with Facilities First.”

“Facilities First is a fresh, new company and it has a very well thought out corporate culture and mindset. I’m glad that I joined the company at the right time to grow alongside them.”

When Con isn’t looking after his team or clients, he loves being close to his family and spending time in the outdoors with them. He also enjoys photography and taking photos of winter and autumn landscapes. Soccer and rugby league are also his passions.

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