Facility Services Management

Flexible And Responsive

Flexible and responsive

At Facilities First, we pride ourselves on tailoring a facility services management plan that is both flexible and responsive to your ongoing needs.

We deliver seamless cleaning and maintenance services to over 2400 sites across Australia – so you can rest assured that we can provide the right solution for your facility.

We can provide a suite of ongoing and scheduled maintenance services including regular housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, security and groundskeeping services.

In every instance, we work with you to deliver a dedicated service plan that will support your facility and its cleaning and maintenance needs all year round.

Our Care

Your places, Our care

It’s the mantra that we live and breathe every day. From the smallest gesture, a cheery good morning at the start of the day, all the way through to the quality service we deliver consistently and safely across a diverse range of facilities throughout Australia.

With a diverse and agile team of over 2500 self-delivered cleaning staff and a highly skilled network of reliable maintenance partners managed by our in-house team, we deliver a seamless facilities management service to a diverse range of sites nationwide.

ISO 45001 Accredited Company

Always safe

Facilities First is an ISO 45001 accredited company, the international benchmark for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management. Our robust Work Health Safety and Quality Management (WHSQ) system guarantees compliance.

We establish robust processes and procedures that guarantee compliance and service excellence.

Every member of our team undergoes an extensive onboarding process, and of course, our WHSQ team is on the ground working with our staff to design and refine our safety procedures.

It’s this first hand experience and attention to detail that allow us to tailor solutions for each facility and assure service excellence.

Managing Facilities

Detailed and consistent

Let us take care of the details of managing your facility so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Our robust processes and procedures ensure a consistent, seamless, integrated service, whether delivered by a trusted maintenance partner or our in-house team of highly trained cleaners. Our reporting procedures can be tailored to your governance needs, no matter if it’s pen and paper or the latest in digital technology.

Each site has an onsite folder documenting all maintenance works, weekly audits and incident reports.

So, you can be assured that all works have been carried out in a compliant and timely manner.

Are you looking for a tailored cleaning or maintenance solution?

Contact the team at Facilities First for a seamless, integrated service delivered with care and guaranteed quality

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