Alan Fonseca

Alan Fonseca CFO

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Alan’s role runs beyond the purely financial and touches many operational aspects of the business. It’s an easy fit, born from the period of enormous growth in the company that he has been an integral part of.

“I cut across all parts of our businesses, not just from a finance perspective, but also operationally and that’s because I have a very close understanding of our people and our portfolio.”

But Alan is not your average CFO; by his own admission he doesn’t find accounting all that interesting.

For him, the numbers tell a story that is about more than being in the black, or profit and loss… they tell the story of the health of the business and the people who work in it.

“Even though I am an accountant by background, I think it’s a little bit boring on its own. So, I use accounting as a base to understand the business.”

With a background that reaches across a range of sectors, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, Alan worked for a long stretch at Ernst and Young and later Anchorage Partners, the connection that led to his role at Facilities First. This is his first time working in a people business… a new perspective that he finds incredibly rewarding.

“At Facilities First our people are driving the profit in the business,” explains Alan. “If our team members are not happy, if they’re struggling personally or not enjoying their work, that can have a direct link to our results.”

It’s why fostering a good environment for everyone in the Facilities First team, from the cleaners working out in the field to the executive team, is so important to Alan. He believes that care is a value that must be lived every day.

“It’s a personal philosophy I’ve always followed. I enjoy getting to know the team a lot better and making sure that they’re all in roles that they enjoy. It’s important that the concept of care is not just delivered in word, but in actions. We want to create an environment where everyone enjoys working for Facilities First. I really love the words that we’ve brought together as core values… especially care and diversity.”

The Facilities First values are a point of difference that Alan feels are unique in the industry and a factor that their clients are drawn to. It resonates strongly, because they witness this care flowing through the business and touching all stakeholders.

And when he’s not looking after next year’s numbers or mentoring his staff, you’ll find Alan out on the court with the Facilities First netball team… a game that he’s loving being a part of after spending many years on the sidelines watching his daughters play.

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