Ben Bernsdorff

Ben Bernsdorff

Client Service Manager - FMS Cleaning

Ben consistently goes above and beyond. He’s been in the cleaning industry for 20 years and continues to manage a growing portfolio of clients and cleaners.

“I love the challenge. We’re growing and becoming a bigger company. Every day is a challenge, but the work keeps me active and I look forward to seeing how I can give it my best.”

Ben is no stranger to managing a growing portfolio. He used to look after the commercial side of the cleaning business, taking care of stadiums, councils, child care centres and shopping centres.

Now, Ben has expanded his reach and looks after a portfolio of government schools, high schools, TAFEs and electoral offices.

The numbers just keep on growing, and Ben is excited to provide a deep level of care and service.

“I’m now dealing with my clients’ principals and business managers. Across the board, I look after around 130 cleaners and roughly 50 clients. But I’m really loving the challenge.”

Care and safety are Ben’s most important values. He puts himself in other people’s shoes and enjoys making sure that everyone in his team is well looked after.

“I’m always asking my colleagues how they are. I know some days can be really hard, so I always ask my colleagues if they’re alright and always show that I care. It’s the same with my cleaners.

Just yesterday, I got a phone call from one of my cleaners. They had a bad heart attack and I organised a replacement cleaner straight away. I made sure that they had time off to look after themselves.

That’s always the first thing – safety and care. It’s so important that they always know that we care about their welfare. And for the clients, we care about their businesses.”

When Ben’s not looking after his clients, he loves fishing, camping with his family and spending time at the beach.

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