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Ben Bayot
Chief Executive Officer
Alan Fonseca
Chief Financial Officer
Anthony Clinch
National Operations Manager
Janelle Dixon
National Implementation Manager
Kim Dodd
Head of HR & Payroll
Kevin Borg
Business Development Manager
Shona Robertson Brown
WHSEQ Manager
Chris Joyce
General Manager - Health & Aged Care
Tome Stefanovski
Whole of Government (Cleaning) FMS Contract Manager - Northern Sydney Region
Patrick Martins
Whole of Government (Maintenance) Contract Manager - Northern Sydney Region
Phil Savage
Whole of Government (Maintenance) Contracts Manager - South Western Sydney Region
Chris Karam
Project Manager
Jude Keith
Procurement Manager
Ben Bayot
Chief Executive Office

Ben joined TJS in 2012 as Chief Operations Officer, and his vast experience, dedication and impeccable knowledge of the industry saw him transition easily to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Ben is responsible for the strategic direction of TJS and has been instrumental in strengthening the focus of TJS leading to substantial growth in new markets. He has ensured the TJS culture of pride and purpose has remained consistent across all aspects of the company throughout periods of growth and transition.