Phil Savage

Phil Savage

Contract Manager - TAFE NSW

Phil is the Contract Manager for TAFE South West Sydney and North Sydney, and he is proud of the projects that he oversees. For him, it’s all about teamwork and seeing his staff do a great job day in and day out.

A carpenter by trade, Phil has worked his way up the ladder from a tradesman, to a team leader, to a construction supervisor.

Now, Phil looks after hundreds of schools across New South Wales and he still finds new gems to enjoy throughout his career.

But his experience doesn’t just benefit his own career growth. Phil is a firm believer of investing in his staff and providing them with new opportunities to grow and improve their skills.

“I’ve been doing this job for a long time, but it’s all about the people for me. When I see new staff and provide them with training, I love seeing them grow and enjoying their roles. As a manager, that’s what I take away and that’s the value that I get from doing my job. I love seeing our staff get new opportunities because it’s so beneficial for their growth.”

Empathy is also one of Phil’s values, and it’s how he displays the care factor that’s so important at Facilities First.

“Care is at the forefront of everything. For me, it’s having regular meetings with my staff, making sure they understand our expectations from a contractor perspective and that they’re aware of what their obligations are.

It’s an ongoing process, it’s not something you just roll in and let sit. We manage the contract but we have service providers that deliver the work on our behalf, so it’s about making sure we communicate regularly.

But I also have empathy for my staff because I know they’re going to go through change. Change isn’t always something people are used to. We need to understand their situations and they need to know that we care.”

When Phil is done looking after his contracts and overseeing his schools, he loves getting on his motorbike with the wind in his hair. He also loves playing squash and spending time with his wife.

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