Shona Robertson-Brown

Facilities First Shona

General Manager - People and Organisation Service Excellence

Shona carries the Facilities First vision with unbridled enthusiasm… and it’s infectious.

“I have a real mantra,” explains Shona, “putting people at the heart of change. It’s something I live and breathe by.”

Her mission as General Manager of People and Organisation Service Excellence is to inspire and engage the Facilities First team through real collaboration.

Shona’s goal is to bring everyone together as a cohesive group, because at the end of the day it’s the people who make a business shine.

“I believe by putting people first, the rest will come,” says Shona. “We’re here because we provide service excellence to our clients. It’s important to communicate this to our external stakeholders, clients and government clients by demonstrating we believe in our people.”

It’s a message that Shona wants to really light up, and you’d expect no less from someone who worked with Richard Branson early in her career. The exposure to his culture and business ethic and how much he lives and breathes his people has left a lasting influence on her.

Shona’s approach to WHSQ is full of her signature joie de vivre and she works with her group to enhance and support the business.

“The WHSQ space is definitely where we can engage our people. My team members actually go out and work at the locations. They are actually are on the ground working with them and understanding,” says Shona. “It’s had a very powerful impact. And for me personally it’s very rewarding, I talk to our teams on the ground and they say, ‘Wow, we see safety, we feel it.'”

Shona brings with her a wealth of both international and local experience with a strong service industry background. In fact, she’s a trained chef. And Shona has a real point of difference; she has a commercial mind and understands strategy and has the unique ability to bring the two together to embrace people and safety.

“I’ve always been passionate about people,” says Shona, “and on my journey I fell into work health and safety because I believed in people and I wanted to make their world safer.”

When she’s not shining a spotlight on the team at Facilities First, you’ll find Shona outdoors, recharging her batteries and living out her other mantra… Enjoy every day, breathe air every day and be grateful every day.

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