4 reasons West HQ chose Facilities First - Australia’s leading maintenance and facilities services management company

4 Reasons West HQ Chose Facilities First

West HQ is Sydney’s leading landmark destination for entertainment, fitness, lifestyle, and accommodation in the Western Sydney region, directly employing nearly 650 staff across the 8-hectare estate.

In late 2019, West HQ grew to the point where it required a specialist facility services management company to spearhead its commercial cleaning program.

The result was a preferred service provider agreement with Australia’s leading maintenance and facilities services management company, Facilities First Australia.

A Confident Team

A confident team for an extraordinarily diverse destination

Spread across the destination, West HQ includes Novotel Sydney West HQ, Zone Bowling, the world-class Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre, One55 Health & Fitness boasting 4,000 members, and a stunning $140 million refurbished dining, lifestyle, and entertainment venue that includes the Sydney Coliseum Theatre and features some of Australia’s leading chefs and restauranteurs; Stefano Manfredi with PizzAperta Manfredi, Sean Connolly with Steak & Co. by Sean Connolly, and Steve Anastasiou of China Doll and China Lane with Chu Restaurant.

“It’s an extraordinarily diverse destination,” explains Amanda Stephens – General Manager of Legal and HR at West HQ…

“When we put a portion of our cleaning facilities out to tender Facilities First really stood out from the competition.

“While not all areas of the facility were included in the tender it was still a substantial contract, and one that I was only going to give to a team I felt confident could do the job.”

Amanda explains the three big reasons she and West HQ chose Facilities First for its commercial cleaning services.

Putting People Before Profits

1) Putting people before profits - the integrity behind the brand

Amanda, along with the rest of the West HQ Executive Management Team, pride themselves on providing excellent working conditions for their employees.

Which is why West HQ were only going to partner with a company that actively practiced the same core ethics and values as they did when it came to employee welfare.

For both West HQ and Facilities First it’s about putting people before profits, and through the tender process it was clear to Amanda that Facilities First took care of their employees financially.

“People should be paid appropriately. We’re looking to be as efficient and effective as we possibly can without compromising any employment standards. Through their submission it was clear that the awards offered by Facilities First were at an appropriate level,” says Amanda.

Facilities First were able to tick that box immediately due to their active internal commitment to the Modern Slavery Act. Facilities First displayed their commitment to operating ethically for their people by making this Act a focus of their operations, and in particular reinforcing their efforts for positive working conditions and appropriate rates of pay for all employees.

2) A proven process for success

From the initial stages of the tender process to eventually executing the terms of the contract Amanda found the Facilities First team nothing other than thorough, forthright and professional.

Process is at the core of everything Facilities First does, including transparently providing every bit of data required to give Amanda and the West HQ team a clear picture of their operations.

“Facilities First brings efficiency and professionalism in everything they do. The tender process was no exception. They were professional and process driven from the very first meeting,” says Amanda.

Facilities First used their proven four-step process to give Amanda an understanding of how they’d deliver cleaning, maintenance and facility management services in the areas that West HQ required.

Step by step, the Facilities First process is…

1. Consult and customise

2. Scope and formalise

3. Onboard and mobilise

4. Monitor and maintain

Now in the monitor and maintain portion of their delivery for West HQ, Amanda continues to appreciate this professional process.

“There’s always going to be adjustments that have to be made during the teething process of any new contract. The Facilities First team are contactable and fast acting which makes enacting necessary adjustments accommodating.”

Broad Range Of Expertise

3) Experience and broad range of expertise

As one of the largest entertainment, fitness, lifestyle, and accommodation precincts in all of Sydney West HQ possesses a diverse range of spaces and businesses on the one site.

For this reason, they needed a specialist facility services management company who had a history of being able to manage a commercial cleaning program of this magnitude, and in addition one who had experience in different sectors to accommodate their various needs.

This was another tick for Facilities First who had an impressive resume of large-scale clients from multiple sectors. This list includes huge stadiums such as Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta, large shopping centres and retailers like IKEA, and significant government and University contracts, commercial buildings, childcare centres and over 130 aged care facilities.

Capability And Financial Stability

4) Capability and financial stability

During the tender process Facilities First were able to provide evidence of their capabilities through their impressive size and robust structure.

This was largely done through their financial statements outlining their long history of strong annual revenue. This provided an extended level of confidence for Amanda in making her final decision.

“Looking through the numbers and their history it was obvious they know what they’re doing,” says Amanda…

“When I investigated further and spoke with some of their existing clients it was clear they had plenty of runs on the board.”

Past results are no guarantee of future success, and even though this relationship is in its initial stages things have certainly gotten off on the right foot for Amanda at West HQ and Facilities First Australia.

“This is a new contract and it has so many different moving parts to it. We have gyms, outdoor areas, restaurants and large 2,000 people theatres. So far, I’ve been impressed with the service provided by the Facilities First team,” says Amanda.

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